Frequently asked questions

Can I still use an old order form to place my uniform order?

No - We are phasing out the old order forms as of January 2019 so we can keep track of your order and payments more efficiently. If you are having trouble placing your order, please contact us and we can help place it for you and organise payment.

How do I know which size to order?

If you are having trouble picking your size, check out our size guide page, or head instore at the school during opening hours to physically try on the uniforms to get the perfect fit.

How to I order the items I can't purchase on the website?

All of the items not included on the uniform website can be found in store at LOWES in Albury.

What about the items needing embroidery?

For any items that are purchased at LOWES that need embroidery, please drop in to the unfirom shop at the school during opening hours and we will get it done for you. If the opening hours dont suit, please contact us to arrange another drop off time. The items will be returned to you usually within 12 days.

I have some old uniforms, is there a second hand shop?

Yes! The second hand uniform items are available at the physical uniform shop during opening hours and any donations are most welcome!

How to I arrange a payment plan for my order?

Please contact the uniform shop directly to set up a payment plan if needed. AfterPay is currently being looked into being added to the website, but unfortunately isn't available yet. For payments direct to the uniform shop bank account, here is the account details: Account Name:SMMC Uniforms BSB: 640 000 Account Number: 111163697 PLEASE REFERENCE YOUR INVOICE NUMBER AND SURNAME

My uniform isn't right, can I return it?

Yes, if the uniform item isn't the right size, you can bring it back in to the uniform shop to exchange or we can do a store credit if you change your mind altogether. We can only do a refund if there is extreme circumstances in which you would need one (ie. financial hardship, emotional loss etc.)

I have placed my order, how long will it take to arrive?

Depending on the time of year, it should take around 3 weeks for your uniform items to arrive. You will be notified when they arrive and they can be collected from the nuiform shop at the school.

What are the banking details for the uniform shop for direct deposit?

Account Name: SMMC Uniforms BSB: 640 000 Account Number: 111163697 Please make sure you reference the invoice number in your deposit so we know who it is from!